Newspaper Articles

From Cumberland Gap 1864  
Kentucky - A Curious Story 1869  
A Dreadful Criminal 1873  
All Three Dead 1884  
The Oldest Man 1885 Lawless Kentuckians 1885
News Of The Week 1885 A Deputy Marshal Assassinated 1885
The Kentucky Peculiarity 1886 A Kentucky Fight 1886
Mysterious Murders 1886  
A Drunken Quarrel End In A Tragedy One Of  The Brawlers Murders His Wife And Children 1888 Marion Stewart kills his wife and brother 1888

Marvin Stewart kills his wife and his brother 1888

(It was Marion Stewart)

Bloodshed In Kentucky 1888
A Whiskey War In Kentucky 1888  
Torn By A Family Feud 1889 At It Again 1889
Assassinations In Kentucky 1889 The Kentucky Feud 1889
The Harlan County Feud 1889 The Kentucky Outlaws 1889
Shot Down In Ambush 1889 The Battle Of Pineville 1889
The American Vendetta 1889 Bloody Feud Raging Fiercely 1889
Resieged By Soldiers 1890 Outlawry Reigns 1890
News Brevities 1890 Trouble Again In Harlan County 1890
Kentucky Treaty Of Peace 1890  
John Nolan kills Edward Pace and a Sitzer 1892 The Howard-Turner Feud 1892
A Trip to Harlan County, Ky. 1892 Mortally Wounded By Enemy 1892
Feud And Vendetta 1892 The Old Kentucky Feuds 1892
Want Vengeance 1894 Dr. Nolan kills John & William Turner 1894
An Old Feud Renewed 1894 The Turner-Howard Feud 1894
Our Advanced Civilization 1894  
Crime 1895 After Twenty-Four Years 1895
A Genuine Mountain Feud 1895 Land Feud Victims 1895
Famous Feud Ended 1895  
Kentucky Vendetta 1896 Bullets Fly Fast 1896
Two Killed In A Kentucky Feud 1896 Battle Over Lass 1896
Kentucky Feud 1896 The Queerest Saloon 1896
December And May 1896  
Causes The Feuds 1898 A Kentucky Feud Reopened 1898
Farmer And His Son Shot 1899 Charges Treachery 1899
She Goes Free 1900  
Bloodshed Prevented 1901 Raised Gun 1901
Baker Howard Feud 1901 Jule Webb Goes Free 1901
Goebel's Murderer Killed! 1901 Kentucky Prisoner Is Shot In Jail 1901
Frank Lewis Executed 1902  
Goebel's Assassination, Last Hand In A Game Of Poker Played 22 Years Ago 1903 A Tramp During The Feudist and Moonshiners Of The Kentucky Mountains 1903
Origin Of The Feud 1903 If Caught May Be Lynched 1903
Joseph Turner 1907 Four Kentucky Brothers 1907
Duel On Mountain Top 1907  
One Killed - Four Wounded In A Kentucky Feud 1908  
Tragedy In Kentucky 1909 Speed Spurlock is Killed 1909
Kills Indian For $1,600 1909 Kills Indian To Secure A Reward 1909
Laxative Sent Free To Try 1910 Football Players Fight 1910
Family Of Five Drowned 1916 Inflamed Eczema On Child's Face 1916
Posse Fired Upon, Kills Two Miners 1917 Four Dead In Mine As Result Of Cave-in 1917
Killed At Grade Crossing 1918  
Medals Awarded To Yanks 1919  
How Old Is John?? 1920 Father Dies Of Overwork 1920
Shot After Services 1924  
Attempted Raid On Booze Dive Takes 3 Lives 1922 Fields Is Soaked Double For Measure For Disobeying The Court 1922
Harlan Passes Privilege Tax 1923 One Killed, One Hurt In Affray Near Harlan 1923
Two Men Are Severely Wounded In Pistol Duel 1923 Eight Now Are Dead In Moonshine Battles 1923
Napier Killed At Cawood Monday 1924 Bail Granted Alleged Slayer of Constable 1924
Sky Pilot 1924 Home Missions Build Eight College Houses 1924
Woman In Kentucky 1924  
Man Killed In Storm 1925 Birth Of Baby Alleged To Have Been Concealed 1925
Election Duel 1925  
Jake Stepp Dies Of Wounds 1926 Feudist Of Kentucky Pleases Audience Here 1926
Harlan Girl To Appear At School In Overalls 1926  
Judge Son Held After Man Is Killed At Polls 1927 "Murdered" Girl Returns; "Lifer" May Win Freedom 1927
Indictments Sought In Murder Travesty 1927  
Alleged Slayer Faces Grand Jury 1928 W. K. Hall Slayed By Son-In-Law Near Cawood 1928
  Jury Acquits L. Swanson Killing Charge 1928
Hearing Date Set In Hall Shooting 1928 Two Slain As Rifles Bark In Feud Ward 1928
No Trace of Men Hunted in Feud Killings 1930 One Is Slain As Feud Starts Again 1930
Feudists Are Still Free In Nearby State 1930 Two Brothers Sought In Revival Of Old Feud 1930
Four Brothers Storm Jail In Indiana To Get 2 Men Held For Killing Father 1930 Hunt For Feudist For Shooting 3 In Indiana 1930
One Killed, Three Shot As Brothers Storm Indiana Jail 1930 Held And Slain In Feud 1930
Rev. Jonathan Day Is Dead  In Virginia 1931 Figures In Kentucky Mine Strike Murder Case 1931
Miner Is Convicted 1931 Miners Perfect Their Plans For General Strike 1931
Harlan Man Lashed Until He Collapsed 1931 Accused Feud Slayers Guarded 1931
Old Feud Flames Up Again In Indiana Shootings 1931  
County Officers Select Deputies 1932  
Late News 1933 City Judge Is Slain 1933
Miner Pardoned 1934 Death Toll Now Six In Harlan Clashes 1934
Walking 200 Miles at 83 1934 Deputy Sheriff Shot To Death 1934
Spurlock Bros. Ask For Clemency 1935 Frank Hall Killed Sunday 1935
Blast Kills 3 1936 2 Deputies Shot In Making Arrest 1936
In Death Sequel 1937  
Harlan Co. Deputy Sheriff Found Dead 1937 Another Killing In Bloody Harlan 1937
Coal Company Menaced Him, Clerk Claims 1937  
Body Of Man Found At Cawood, Ky. 1938  
Five Die In Fight At Mines 1941  
Three Wounded, Tavern Blasted 1947  
T. R. Middleton Died; Harlan Ex-Sheriff, 52 1949 Guilty On 26 1/2 Year Old Slaying 1949
Loudoun Farmer Kills Wife, Takes Own Life 1949 Man Convicted In 1922 Death 1949
George Grubbs At 101st. Milestone 90 Years of Life Spent In Harlan 1950 Three Brothers Held For Robbery 1950
Town Wants Recount On Census Figures 1950  
Father, Stepson Slain In Harlan 1951  
Family Still Growing 1952 Not A Single Clue On Three Fugitives 1952
3 Escape From Lewisburg Prison; One Man Stabbed 1952 Delaware Hunt Brought To A End 1952
Two Felons Are Slain In Furious Battle 1952  
Kentucky Man Dies At 101 1956  
White Ghost Found 1957 Aged Applicant 1957
Truman Enemy Flees Insane Ward 1958  
Fugitive Dies In Shootout 1976 Articles from Lee Co., Va. newspaper about murder of Wilson McLain and shooting of Frank James Stevens 1976
Picture Of old Hotel Pennington, Lee Co., VA 1976 Deputy, Harlan Man Are Killed In Two Shootings 1976
Harlan County Man Charged With Murder In Woman's Death 1987  
Knoxville's Great Lost Songwriter, Arthur Q. Smith 1991  
Hatmaker Grocery Store, Wallins, KY 2002  
Cawood woman killed in wreck 2004  
Howard has seen many changes in her 100 years Blanton Gets 14 Years For Killing Britton
Mining Picture