Photo Album


Harve Swanson (ca 1883-1935) Hyram Lee Swanson (ca 1851-1925)
Lewis Swanson (1905-1987) & wife Dulcina (Hall) Swanson (1905-1993) Green Swanson, Walter Thomas, Sarah Jane Brown, Matilda (Swanson) Thomas
Gene Swanson (my dad) Gene Swanson holding son Billy
Larry Swanson Jr. Dad (Gene Swanson) looking at fence he made
John R. Pace (1853-1924) & wife Sarah (Hall) Pace (ca 1857-by 1920) Chad Pace & wife Nellie Lewis
Will Pace (ca 1884-1925) Susan Pace Napier (1888-1941)
Harve Pace (ca 1880-1926)

Jess Pace (ca 1878-1931)

William Pace (ca 1848-1896) Sarah A. (Hall) Hall (ca 1827-1911)
George Hall (ca 1856-ca 1935) & wife Elizabeth (Pace) Hall (ca 1856-1944) Francis Hall (ca 1836-1922)
James Shackelford (ca 1845-1905) & Family Marion Mitchell (1862-1951) & 2nd wife Sarah (Hall ) Mitchell (1872-1947)
Will Mitchell's old cabin Polly Ann (Stewart) Howard (1868-1952) & son  James Howard (1906-1938)
Sallie Stewart's Tombstone Pheba Stewart's Tombstone
James Stewart's Tombstone Andrew And Polly (Stewart) Howard 's Tombstone
Oma Irvin (1925-1983) Wilse Kimg, Shelby Irvin, Millie Hall King, Phoebe Howard Irvin
Phoebe (Howard) Irvin (1896-1981) Samuel Howard
Wilse Irvin's Tombstone Spurlock Family
E. M. C. Spurlock & Family (1905-1997) Levi Spurlock (1875-1921) & Family
Alexander Harrison Spurlock & wife Rebecca North Julie Spurlock King
Unknown Baby Patton Jones (1886-1966) & wife Leota Spurlock (1900-1956) and some family
Patton Jones (1886-1966) Patton Jones (1886-1966)
Daniel Scalf (1885-1953) & wife Betsy Jones (1889-1970) Bert Jones (1903-1989)

Unknown People In Pictures that belonged to my grandmother Mary Jones If you know who they are please send feedback. 

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Thomas Jasper Jones (ca 1855-1934)
John Stewart & Roberta Jones 50th. wedding anniversary Harrison Jones & Bert Jones (1903-1989)
David Helton (1964-1987) & Mary Jones (1925-1994) Wilson McLain (1925-1976)
George Wagoner, Robert David Jones (1929-1982), Sarah Jones Wagoner (1895-1964) Henry Hensley (1861-1947)
Crummies Creek Coal Co.-Coalminers-April 8, 1940 Envelope post marked when post office at Crummies, KY was closing
A Tree in Union Co., TN Pictures from my brothers wedding
Charles Oliver Barker (1873-1957) Bridge At Loyal, Harlan Co., KY
Postcards Of Harlan County. Kentucky Mary Jones
Betty Lou McLain Betty Lou McLain - 1968
Betty Lou McLain and brother John Paul McLain USS Harlan County
View of Cumberland Gap from Tennessee Manchester Courthouse, Clay County, Kentucky
Richard Jones's Tombstone Sarah McNeil Jones's Tombstone
Carrie Jones Francisco's Tombstone Robert Burton Hensley (1857-1939) & wife Mary Brittian Herd (1854-1941)
Restored Ledford Cabin at Gladie Creek in Kentucky - was home to John Ledford (1809-1900) Glayds Meece Schenk holding Geneva Meece & Eugene Meece