Louis Swanson Surrenders to Officers Here After Shooting


   The second killing in as many days was recorded yesterday in Harlan County, when W.K. Hall, 50 years old, was shot and killed on Martin's Fork, one mile west of Cawood.

   Louis Swanson, 24 years old, son-in-law of the slain man, is in jail here charged with the killing.

   According to the story told at the jail by Swanson, Hall fired three shots at him as he was picking apples in an orchard near the Hall home, one of them taking the sack used in gathering the apples from his hand.

   Swanson returned the fire, he declared, firing one shot at his father-in-law. Hall fell to the ground and Swanson, took to his heels.

   Swanson later came to Harlan and surrendered to authorities here. At the time of the surrender, he was unable to say how badly his father-in-law was injured. A party of deputies started for the scene immediately and on their return declared that Hall had been killed almost instantly.

   Swanson, in telling his version of the shooting at the jail here, declared that he did not know what his father-in-law had against him.

   According to deputy sheriffs yesterday afternoon, Hall had been charged with the murder of the boy's father a year ago. Hall was acquitted of the charge at the January term of the Harlan Circuit Court.

Harlan Daily Enterprise 10 Aug 1928