Third Shooting in Vicinity in Past Forty-Eight Hours

Quarrel Started Over Joking Each Other

Seven Dead, Two Fatally Hurt In Recent Shooting

    George Belcher, 28, is dead and Jesse Pace, 35, is probably fatally wounded as a result of a shooting affray yesterday afternoon at the head of Straight Creek. This is the third shooting in the vicinity of Harlan in the last forty-eight hours and seven persons have lost their lives and two are probably fatally shot as the result of the three shootings.
    Details are rather meager on the Belcher-Pace shooting, as there is no telephone there and news came through officers in Harlan and Pineville, but it is understood that the shooting was the result of a quarrel which started with two men joking each other, Pace is said have angered Belcher and the latter drew gun and shot Pace down. Pace then drew his gun, reports say, and killed Belcher.
    Pace was formerly a policeman at Harlan and then a deputy sheriff at Benham. No information as to the family of either man is available.
30 Mar 1923
Middlesboro Daily News