Old Stiner Store at Sharps Chapel, Union Co., TN

Was told following in a email

I came across your web page and saw the picture of Clay Stiner's store. When I was in high school in mid-1960's we used to go fishing at Norris Lake. We stayed at Ed Stiner's cabins. We stopped at Clay's store every afternoon and bought 6oz cokes for 5 cents. At that time he sold gas and had an old hand crank pump. He told us how the store used to be down by the river and when they built the lake it was moved to it's present location. It was put on wheels and pulled with teams of horses. He said he did more business then any other time because people wanted to see it being moved. I hate to see it falling in. He also had a 500 gal. still upstairs that the gov. came and checked each year to make sure it was not being used.