Jeff Napier Shot and Killed by Jack Blanton in Jim Cawood's Store

   Jeff Napier was shot and killed by Jack Blanton in the store of Jim Cawood Monday evening about six o'clock. Three shots fired by Blanton, all of them taking effect in the body of the victim, who died almost instantly without speaking again.

   Coroner Robert Farmer held an inquest Monday night over the dead man and his jury found Blanton guilty of wistful murder. Blanton was brought to Harlan by Squire Pope where he waived examination and was allowed bond of $5,000, and held to Grand Jury which convenes Monday.

   Evidence that was given in the coroner's inquest shows that Blanton walked into Jim Cawood's store while Napier was looking at a pair of shoes. Blanton went over to Napier and told him that he, (Napier) was the cause of him being in the condition he was in. Napier said that he never done anything t him and turned toward Blanton. As he turned, Blanton shot him and fired two more shots into the reeling man. After the shooting, Blanton walked out of the store and went to Squire's Pope office where he gave himself up.

   Several outside witnesses swore that Blanton walked out of the store where the killing took place with two pistols in his hands, but others said he had only one.

   The quarrel between the two men was of long standing and amounted almost to a feuding. Last September. Blanton was called out of his house and was shot by some person. He was paralyzed by the bullets and for nearly nine months was confined to his bed. He still walks with the aid of a cane and can hardly use one leg. Blanton had always accused Napier of being implicated in his wounding, although no proof was ever brought out to the effect. This was the incident Blanton referred to when he told Napier that he was the cause of him being in that condition.

   Both Blanton and Napier are from old families in Harlan County and are prominent citizens of their community. Blanton is a brother to S.J. Blanton and Sam Blanton, both of whom have lived in Harlan County for a number of years. Considerable interest in the case has manifested in Harlan and it will probably come up before the Circuit Court this term if the Grand Jury finds an indictment.

Harlan Daily Enterprise 15 Aug 1924