2 Deputies Shot In Making Arrest

    Olinger, VA., March 16 (AP) - A deputy sheriff today lay critically wounded in a Lee County hospital, as result of a gun battle in which a fellow officer and the man they sought to arrest on statutory charges where also injured.
    Clarence Bailey was seated at a table at his home yesterday, when Sam McLain and Ray Lipps, Lee County deputies, arrived. He is said to have fired twice at both officers , wounding Lipps above the heart. Hospital attendants gave him little chance to recover. A metal belt buckle saved McLain from serious injury. It was split by a bullet, which failed to penetrate the man's abdomen. A shot fired by Lipps struck Bailey in the right hip. He was expected to recover. Three deputies have been shot to death in Lee County in the past 15 months.

from The Washington Post; 17 Mar 1936