Below is a list of the deputies as appointed by Sheriff Robt. F. Giles who took his office January 1st, 1932.

C.C. Swecker

I.W. Doyle

F.F. Napier

Curtis Ingle

S.L. McLain

C.F. McPherson

Fred Arnold

C.F. Allen

Morgan Tankersley

E.B. Nida

Wm. S. Parkey

P.J. Reasor

Arch Redman

Henry Hobbs

Lester B. Ely

Harvey DeBusk

J.K. Miller

W.J. Mooney

I.P. Weston

James A. Giles

Deputies appointed by C.B. Herndon, Commissioner of Revenue are:

L.G. Herndon

O.C. Weston

J.M. Flanary

R.H. Wright

Assistants appointed by E.E. Parsons, Treasurer are:

Fred Howard, Deputy

Guy Quinley, Bookkeeper