Birth of Baby Alleged to have been Concealed

   W.M. Johnson and DMarlowe, deputy sheriffs, together with Joe Frost, made an investigation early this week into the case of the death of a girl baby alleged to have been born to Maud Swanson on October 30, in this county, near Barbourville.

   Only a few people knew of this affair. The above named officers, armed with a search warrant issued by Knox Quarterly Court search the premises of the Swanson woman and found the baby buried under the house. It was taken up and brought to the city where an inquest was held.

   The cause of the child's death remains unknown. The alleged mother is said to claim it was born dead.

   The woman was arrested, but later released on bond. Her trail was set for Tuesday, November 17.

Then Mountain Advocate; Friday, 13 November 1925